Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random List of Things

  • More people at church thought I was already gone than knew that I was still here. Maybe I'm being subconcsiously asked to leave? [just kidding. the real reason is that most of my friends at church are starting to show their old age through memory loss- Greg, I'm looking at you ;-) ]
  • I've only seen my blogging pal and writing inspiration Bego in person once, and very briefly, while I've been home. But I've read all of her blog entries while I've been on break.
  • I discovered while at the cabin in the mountains that it is very very easy to become used to staying up late with Joey and falling asleep against him on the couch when I was just too sleepy to stay up any more, knowing that in an hour or so he would wake me up and make me go sleep in my real bed. Now he's in Florida and I miss that way more than I thought I would. Good thing there are parietals at ND, or I could really learn to live like that.
  • I started my very own Blockbuster card tonight. Wait, all that means is I get to pay my own late fees. Crap.
  • I've been buying books much more than I've been reading them. I've only finished one book over break. I blame Merton and his denseness and the weirdness of the other book I'm reading.
  • BUT in defense of my spending habits, I didn't buy any movies or CDs when out shopping with Joey last night, even though he did. I think it's been a year since I bought a CD, and I've never bought any music on iTunes. I just borrow my friends' CDs and stagger when I open CDs I get for Xmas and my birthday.
  • Being a Girl Scout lent me a lot of prestige in the mountains, especially in the areas of fire-building, smore-making, and horseback riding. I left the fishing to the boys, though.
  • Joey spent a Barnes and Noble gift card on a Snoopyopoly game last night, and it's amazing. The most expensive property (next to Go) is Joe Cool's sunglasses.
    I'm such a sucker for all things Peanuts.