Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy things

Sometimes you just need to make a list of everything that's going right in your life to remind yourself that life really does rock.

  • friends calling and text messaging to offer love and support
  • a boyfriend who takes such good care of me
  • Rector and RA who genuinely take an interest in my life and want to help
  • lots more events during weekends on campus this semester- Ragtime, Chinese New Year Celebration, Brazilian carnival
  • (slowly) learning how to dance and look good while doing it
  • pierogi at the dining hall
  • throwing my first party (dedicated to happiness and love, not drinking)
  • feeling like the songs I'm playing for guitar class are actually sort of pretty
  • having enough self-discipline to sleep at normal hours and not waste weekends sleeping
  • lots of apples-to-apples playing
  • random memories about special people in my life (Mr. Bird making fun of the afternoon announcements girl, who liked to yell into the microphone and scare him)
  • singing the salve regina when no one's in my room
  • feet of snow, and jumping in huge piles of it
  • Joey finding a latin translation attributed to our deceased and dearly loved latin teacher on a polish website
  • lovely pictures sent via cell phone from my mom
  • quiet library space and time to get work done.
Yeah, life is good.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

to be humble

I'm finding that humility leads to being trampled on and used, which makes me think that I've got the idea of humility wrong. How do you put others first while still taking care of yourself?