Friday, December 14, 2007


Sorry for lack of posts. Finals, busy, blah blah excuses blah blah. You know the drill. The good news is:

  • One final down (arguably the hardest) and two to go. Pretty much smooth sailing with plenty of time to prepare for both. One is a take-home essay, the other is a rote memorization Spanish exam, and I'm nothing if not a decent essay writer and Spanish parrot. That sounded slightly arrogant. These are my strengths, is what I'm trying to say.
  • After camping out in the Gug from 7:30 AM to 1 PM (with very little sleep the night before and the first hour or so spent outside in freezing weather), Charlie Weis signed a football for me and (shush, don't tell, it's a surprise) for Mark, who is a Pats fan these days. The conversation between Weis and I went like this:
    • Me: Merry Christmas, Coach!
    • Charlie: Hey, how ya doing.
    • Me: Well, I've been here for the last five hours.
    • Charlie (who had been signing things since 7:30 AM and had planned on this process only taking an hour, resulting in him pushing back his schedule so that he would be working until at least 11PM)*: Pause, Raised eyebrows, long eye contact. Are you complaining to me?
    • Me: (sputtering, laughing, blushing) No! No sir!
    • Charlie: Because this is not the time to be complaining to me.
    • Me: (still laughing and blushing) Well, it's a good memory, at least. (moving aside for Joey to approach)
    • Joey: (the total resident suckup in this story) I've enjoyed it!
    • Charlie: And you're the weird one, right?
    • (much laughter all around. I was teased by the Coach!!!)
    • *Really, Charlie, emailing the entire ND campus that you would be signing Christmas gifts for everyone who showed up, then expecting to be done in an hour, was a silly plan. Your signed footballs go for hundreds in the bookstore. I got 2 for under $40. Plus, they're personalized, and I got to talk to you. Never mind sleep and studying. This was far more important. Also, they gave us free donuts, hot chocolate, and even pizza while we were waiting.
  • I finally watched Serenity. Oof and wow. Also, closure! Yay!
  • I pretty much accomplished my Christmas shopping in one Amazon order. Be envious. It's weird to not need to go to a mall this year- I might for card shopping, just for the experience.
  • I will be home in less than a week :-)
  • ND is giving me a total of 77% of the price of my Europe trip next semester !!!!! Leaving me in charge of 23%, which is manageable and an appropriate level of sacrifice on my part. It's awesome to be able to pay parents back, for once.
  • I was feeling sick earlier, but after tylenol and allergy meds, I feel muuuuch better.
  • Huckabee's the GOP front runner? No way the "leader of the free world" will be named Huckabee. Ain't gonna happen. That's not so much good news as a random comment.
  • I have a loooong list of things I want to bake when I get home, including ginger crinkles, cheese straws (I want to try a dash of red pepper this year), tunnel of fudge cake, and butterscotch squares. Sweet (pun intended).
Life is happy. The end.