Wednesday, October 18, 2006

first post! and title explanation

To start off, I will explain the title:

My babysitter/ 3rd grandmother, who really helped to raise me when I was little, had a delightful collection of oddities in her trailer park home, such as a present that had never been unwrapped (REALLY got on my nerves), an endless supply of porcelain horses, and little colored glass vases. She also had, on one of her many knick-knack shelves, two baby shoes that had been bronzed, presumably having belonged to her two sons in the past. I don't think I've ever seen another bronzed shoe, although I hear that at some point it was a common practice. I would ask about each unique item, but especially the shoes, because she loved to tell me stories about her sons, one of whom died in the military, which was very exotic to me at the time. Anyway, the image of those two little bronze shoes stayed with me, and to me it represents preserved memories and good times with my beloved babysitter. It kind of represents what I want this blog to be: a record of memories and snippets of my life for others to look in on and for myself to look back on. We'll see how it goes.


  1. You're so profound. I love the explanation.

  2. Laura,

    Next time you're at my folks' house (sometime in the next 10 years, presumably), ask my mom to show you our "shoes." They have picture frames for all six of us kids and the base of each frame has the baby shoes of each kid. Every few years mom starts hinting at each of us kids to give her an updated "shoe picture." Behind the current picture for each kid is every picture that has ever been placed in the shoe frame.

    Anyway, good title for a new blog.

  3. I love to see what people's first posts are. My gramma--who practically raised me--has a single bronzed shoe. I think it might have been from my mom's brother who died as a todler, also very mysterious to me at that age. Reading this makes me want to ask whatever happened to it. Your title has served its purpose in me at least. Blessings.