Thursday, November 09, 2006


Lest the people who don't really know me who read this think that I'm an awesome saint-like peaceful person, let me tell you what I did last night.

There are a couple lounges in the basement of my dorm, a big one and a small one. The attractiveness of these lounges comes from the fact that they're the only rooms boys are allowed in after midnight. A couple of my friends have pretty much taken over the smaller lounge during the evenings, because no one's in them until parietals. Last night Joey and I joined them for a bit. Eventually, parietals came, and they left to go get Starbucks. Joey and I stayed, working on homework.

Another couple came in the room holding snacks and a dvd case, popped in their movie (did I mention these rooms have TVs, too?) and settled down. Not exactly conducive to studying, and the room is small enough that we couldn't really escape the movie. I wouldn't have cared so much except Joey had an exam AND a paper due today.

We talked at normal conversation level; they turned up the volume to block us out. Joey brought up a concert we both would love to go to but can't make it to, and I looked it up online with the purpose of listening to music from the non-headlining bands, which we don't know that well. Joey's laptop has pretty powerful speakers, so even though the volume was only half of the way up, it was still about the same noise level as from the TV. Bwahahaha.

After about a minute of this, the guy of the annoying duo called over and asked if we wouldn't mind moving to the other room (normally much noiser and more busy) because they had to watch this movie for a project. It was Cinderella Man. They had been talking about how long they'd wanted to see this movie. We kind of looked at them, then conceeded defeat and left. Ugh.


  1. Are you kidding me? Where's the punchline, like when Joey gets up and kicks in the tv screen, or you yell out a string of expletives at them, suggesting they do things that are...well...physically impossible!

    No, instead, you walked out.


  2. My Joey? He thought I was crossing the line by playing music.

    I was pretty tempted to stick my head in later and ask how their "project" was going, but I've got Fr. Charles AND my high school latin teacher watching me from heaven now, and they tend to temper me.

  3. sheesh, what fun is THAT?

    Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm the little guy dressed like a devil hovering around your blog.

  4. Well, I think you do read it more faithfully than anyone else. You're certainly the biggest commenter. Commentator? But it's ok, it makes me happy that someone reads my stuff.

    P.S. Joey's reading this, and he says he could see the whole devil thing with the peering over the coffee cup picture. :-)