Friday, December 29, 2006

Top Ten Things That Excite Me at 3AM on Friday Morning

  1. The idea of going to the mountains with Joey and his family for good relaxing fun with my second family (I was adopted).
  2. A scarf with pockets AND cute tassels. Kudos to my aunt for getting it for me, and Bath and Body Works for making it.
  3. The distinct possiblility that I will be attending a New Years Eve party for the first time in my life (as opposed to sitting at home trying to get my parents to wake up for the Big Moment).
  4. My computer being alive (it was completely unresponsive earlier, but then I realized that while the charger was plugged into my laptop, the other end was not in an outlet).
  5. Introduction to Peace Studies with Professor George Lopez. In fact, I'm so excited about this one that I nearly want to run up to Notre Dame and make him start class right now.
  6. My quickly approaching camping weekend with my Girl Scout lovelies!
  7. Star Wars IV, A New Hope. I watched it with my little brother tonight, and I fell in love with Star Wars all over again. I had almost forgotten how rich the universe is, how complex the characters, how well-coceived the plot! George Lucas, I love you almost as much as George Lopez.
  8. A date tonight with my darling boyfriend, who abides even my most withdrawn moods.
  9. That a lovely pair of ankle-high water-proof suede Lands End boots I've had my eye on just went on sale. With the help of a gift card (from the same aunt who gave me the above-mentioned scarf), I will be able to purchase said boots for approximately $2. Now I need to figure out where to ship them to (home and have to find room in my luggage for them? or ND and hope that someone will take them from the nice UPS man for me?)
  10. My cold finally letting go of its grip on my nasal cavities. Trust me, this is a very, very good thing.


  1. These are really great things! Number 5 sounds very interesting--I wish I could sit in class with you!

  2. kristy4:32 PM

    I envy anyone who can be excited at 3:00 am on a Friday morning. The only thing that excites me at that time of day (night?) is rolling over and going back to sleep. Good for you!