Saturday, April 14, 2007

So here's a thought: I'm going to try to write a blog entry in which I don't go on about my busy-ness and commitments. Because really, one can only do that for so long before it gets really irritating, and I think I passed that point a few months ago.

Instead, I'm stealing a blog idea from my blogging friend Tia over at Living Deliberately, who today wrote about simple pleasures. I thought about her attention to simple pleasures while going about my business today, and it improved my mood dramatically.

Simple pleasures I noted today:

  • Paved, not carpeted, sidewalks. My job at the music department involves dragging around a huge lime green suitcase full of recording equipment, and it really is much easier to pull it on pavement than carpeting. Well done whoever came up with that idea.
  • Raisins- they are really very delightful little morsels. I'm a fan. Also good for keeping up blood sugar in the middle of the day.
  • Deserted student center lounges on Saturday nights. It makes me happy to feel like I have my own space.
  • Thick gloves in chilly wind. I'm not a fan of numbness.
  • The "change language" option on Blogger. Tonight I switched my language to Spanish, put my latest composition for Spanish class in an entry, and ran a spell check. Very helpful in finding where I missed accent marks.
  • A website that provides links to places where tv shows and movies have been uploaded to the internet. I finally got around to watching Breakfast at Tiffany's- what a crazy, heartwarming, adorable movie.
Feel free to join me- we could all use more causes for cheerfulness :-)


  1. um, so you post about movies, and don't leave a link.

    what's wrong with you?

  2. sorry!

  3. My husband's FAVORITE Audrey Hepburn movie. He just loves her!