Monday, August 06, 2007


More for Maria than anyone else:
While picking up the fixings for a peanut butter pie I'm about to make with Mark at the grocery store, I stopped by that coffee house that has become so well-liked by certain members of my church. I am now sipping a nice frozen mocha, and I agree, mmm. The guy behind the counter was nice too. Basically, I'm just affirming that you guys have good taste. :-)


  1. awesome! good stuff there, huh? oh, and I wrote an "Ode to l" see it in the comments on my blog.

  2. Hey Laura,

    Got your facebook post...I arrived today from Cambodia. So, basically I've had two Thursdays (flying 17 hours against an 11 hour time difference), slept 6 hours in the last 50 or so...and I don't know how I feel about life. Very surreal.

    I just read your posts about Bethany House. I'm not a crier (and I hate that about myself), but your words made my heart choke. I think I know how you feel.

    We should talk. Feel free to call if you'd (home 269-983-2302, cell 269-930-2104).

    I'm still smiling from seeing that picture of you and Donna at Mt. Savior.

    You were a unique and amazing gift at Bethany. You left a part of yourself there, and took a part of its grace with you.

    I should sleep now, and keep feeling. Feeling I don't know what.