Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oy vey.

The Monologues are back on campus, so the bishops walk. Read the article here. Not quite sure how I feel about this; border skirmishes between Catholic clergy and the academic (and theoretically impartial) nature of this university happen all the time, over things like what professors are hired (are they Catholic enough?) and whether birth control meds can be offered at our on-campus pharmacy. It all works out in the end, after everyone ruffles their feathers and we all go back to our corners of the ring and sulk. My inclination in this case is to be exasperated with the bishops, but that's more gut reaction than researched opinion. Bishop Darcy posting things in our basilica (technically in his domain) seems a little silly. I tend to roll my eyes at the whole business and move on to more important matters.

Such as the weather. Lately, the in-vogue trend in South Bend has been lots of melting and rainstorms, causing our number of on campus lakes to increase from 2 to 200, then sudden freezing temperatures creating inches of ice everywhere. Walking on ice all the time to get to class is only slightly less bothersome than getting soaked, despite wearing a raincoat, going to class. When you get to class, you might have a numb arm from falling and cracking your head on the ice (as happened to my poor roommate this week), but at least you'll be dry.

However, despite the weather, my mood is mostly jubilant because we just signed the nation's best recruiting class (even if the recruiting sites give the honor to Bama, who will never be able to hold together their humongous class of recruits until fall). Signing day was way more fun than super tuesday. Go Irish.


  1. I think the skirmish crossed into the petty domain when the bishops changed their accomodations from the Morris to the Inn at Saint Mary's. What, just by sleeping on a campus that presents the Vagina Monologues, they are endorsing it? At least, I could be proud of our university president for standing up to pressure. Though he'd have been crazy to go back on his word...and making the un-academic choice.

    However, I was delightfully impressed with the Rover's reporting! They got a leaked email, covered the story quickly, AND refrained from interjecting opinion into the story. Very cool.

    On the Timmy Foundation para. in your last post, are you applying to be an officer? Megan will be super excited if you are.


  2. Hey Bren! Yup, I'm working on the app now, actually :-)

  3. ah, you're at ND! I know a couple talented alums, they have a fantastic architecture school. Very traditional. The ND'ers hang together closely after graduation, which is nice.

    The clergy aspect of going to school sounds complicated. hm.

  4. Complicated, and silly.

    I have friends who are archies. They spend a year in Rome as a part of their 5-year program. Pretty awesome.