Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The alternative to blogging...

Is posting links to things other people have written, with commentary from me. A much more easy medium for doing this is the new "Shared Items" function of Google Reader. My shared items are in a sidebar on this page, but it's far easier to go here: Please tune in to see what stories I find interesting and what I have to say about them. There are much fewer clicks involved to share things this way, and the site is simply more manageable than blogger. I will still post random musings from time to time, but my Shared Items is a more reliable source for finding out what's on my mind. :-)


  1. You young people teach me so much, even if I get it...wrong. I've been following a friend like that, but really, don't get it.

    Such a struggle to ward off the Alzheimer's.

  2. It's incredible how much more intuitive these things seem to me than for adults. Makes me wonder what technology my kids will grow up with, an whether it will still seem so simple to me.