Friday, October 03, 2008

A rant

Friends, today is a sad day under the Dome. Today I witnessed an unparalleled feat of incompetence.

Everything was merry and bright as I strolled over to the laundry room in my dorm. Disaster. Bags of laundry everywhere, socks on most surfaces, distressed chicks by the bucketful. I waited patiently for my turn at a washer, put in one load instead of the two I had been hoping for, and returned to my room until it was time to put my laundry into the dryer. The laundry room had, if possible, deteriorated even further. Girls were in tears. I kid you not. Soon, it became apparent that my soaked laundry would need to sit for half an hour before a dryer would be available. ARGH! I screamed in my head, but outside I smiled nicely. These things happen when living in such a big community. Sometimes all of us decide to do our laundry at the same time.

But I was so wrong, friends. This incident was not explainable by laundry fever taking the dorm by storm. No, the reason the laundry room was in chaos was one girl. One. Who, by the looks of it, had not done laundry in a whole semester. Friends, we have six washers and eight dryers. Her stuff was in at least half of them. This is bad enough and worthy of a glare, because when you live in community you ought to respect the needs of others. But was the girl to be found to glare at? NO! She never graced us with her presence. It was her MOTHER, presumably up for Parents' Football Weekend, doing all of her laundry. Hauling bag after bag around and standing patiently by the dryers waiting for them to finish. I waited my half hour for my dryer, put my stuff in, and departed as the poor mother was putting another load in my recently vacated washer. For shame, anonymous dorm mate. For shame.

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