Monday, October 23, 2006

A day in the life of Laura

Life is good! It was a busy first day back in class, but a pretty good one.
7:50- alarm goes off

8:10- Laura actually gets up

8:30- Laura's in her Foundations of Theology class, which was (as per usual) rather uninteresting. Laura, being the nerd she is, takes tons of notes anyway.

9:20- Her first class behind her, Laura departs in search of breakfast and Joey, but not before taking note of a poster outside her classroom about an upcoming talk on Mother Teresa by Mother Teresa's physician. After getting outside, Laura grumpily notes that once again, it is snowing.

9:40- Laura settles in to a nice warm breakfast at SDH. Their hash browns just don't compare to her dear Waffle House's, but Laura makes do.

10:30- Laura walks to her second class. It's still snowing.

10:40- Laura learns about how to write out proofs in predicate logic! Turns out, it's much the same as propositional logic, but it looks a lot more complicated and thus cooler. Yay.

11:45- Laura arrives at the place of her third class, only to find the auditorium empty and "No class!" scrawled on the board. Score.

11:55- Laura arrives at Waddicks, a cool little coffee shop, and reads from her sociology book while sipping a fair trade coffee mocha.

12:30- Laura hikes out to the Rock (gym) for swim class. Laura is very grateful to her mother for providing her with a portable hair dryer, as today would be a really bad day to walk around with wet hair. Thankfully, the snow has stopped.

2:00- With Joey in tow, Laura heads out to the bookstore and searches around for a suitable birthday present for one Nicole Campo, who turned 19 today. She settles on a nice scarf, packaged in a wine bottle gift bag with lots of big plastic beads for weight. She also locates an incredibly perfect card. And there was much rejoicing.

2:45- Laura devotes a goodly amount of time to homework and the signing of Nicole's card. Laura congratulates herself on being almost totally done with her reading for the week.

4:30- Laura returns to Farley, where she vegs on the couch (you guessed it, with Joey). [Laura just realized that "veging" refers to being a couch "potato". Awesome!]

6:00- Laura's stomach rumbles, and fortunately Jean's and Joey's do as well. Laura makes a couple of calls and decides that it's time for dinner.

6:30- Laura digs into a bowl of pasta stir-fry at Nicole's official birthday dinner, along with Nicole herself, Joey, Jean, Annie, Michelle, Michele, and Nicole's roomie Steph.

7:10- Nicole opens her presents!!! Yay!

7:20- Annnd break. All dinner guests disperse. Laura returns to Farley.

7:55- Laura heads over to the Center for Social Concerns building (all the way across the street) for Amnesty International.

8:30- Laura returns to Farley after a rather uninspiring Amnesty meeting. She laments not being more involved. Laura kicks Joey out of Farley and sends him back to his own dorm to study for his calc exam and practice piano.

9:00- Laura goes back to CSC for her first-ever Peace Fellowship meeting. While the group was intimidating at first, Laura eventually relaxes and enjoys the somewhat random, but pleasant meeting.

10:00- Laura's back in Farley! She decides to go to Mass in the chapel, as Farley's only daily Mass is on Mondays at 10. At the end of Mass, Laura hears that 1-3 inches of snow is predicted to accumulate overnight. Laura's soul cries out for mercy. [It's only October, God]

10:35- Laura arrives back in her dorm room and decides to celebrate her momentary victory over homework by writing a hugely long blog post that no one will read except Joey. Laura feels accomplished.

11:00- Laura finishes said blog post and resolves to practice guitar. G'night!


  1. Joey (yep... you guessed it...)2:11 AM


    That's quite the exciting day, very well broken down, times pretty much spot-on. I like it. It's good. And I like my position in the story: kind of the minor character who accompanies/stalks the protagonist wherever she goes, making frequent appearances but no major impacts overall. It's a good thing. :-)

    Although, the day was far from over, eventually coming to include late-night grotto-ing, random unintended meeting up with me-ing, snow-angel-ing, and snowball fight-ing (maybe it didn't need to be hyphenated...). Woo!

    Anyways, yes, I did read the whole thing, and I quite enjoyed it.

  2. I'm so pleased to see that your curriculum is full of all that good social justice stuff! Where else to get it but at college, at ND!!!

    Please read some capitalism for balance.

    Just sayin'. ;-)

    P.S. I hope you have a red beanie for the cold days. It will give you an air of Audry Hepburn having an adventure a la Sabrina.

  3. Found the pictures you kind of promised to send - Score! And read the blog as well (appreciate my brief mention - am I just a cameo?) Love to you and wonder why out so late, but wonder even more why Maria is up so early?

  4. lol, hi mom. I was about to email you about my new blog :-P. I promised to send pictures? oops.