Tuesday, October 24, 2006

REAL snow!!

There's seriously an inch of snow on the ground- real, packable, playable, snow! I just got back inside from frolicking/ romping, because I have my limits in the cold and wetness areas. It will be slush in the morning, but it's SO pretty and infinitely preferrable to the silly little flurries we've been having. Pictures will follow tomorrow! Yay!

Ok, so I stole these pictures from my roomie Annie, but it's legit because half the time I was shouting "Annie, take a picture of that!" So they're my pictures, in a way.

Me jumping in the snow... it was exciting :-)

Me catching snowflakes on my tongue (and whole face, for that matter).

Annie catching snowflakes... I think she missed the memo about sticking out your tongue

Michele and her adorable snowman

Lookit, I made a snowball!

The dome was so pretty. Poor Mary had snow on her head.

That's me and Juliet hanging out under the streetlights- guess which one's me? Yes, of course, the one with her arms out.

Me being excited some more...

me wondering what Joey's doing there... seriously, he has me GPS tagged, he just happened to show up at the grotto when we were there.

Michele thought it would be a good idea to lay down on a bench. I'm not from Nevada, I don't know these things.

Joey, Annie, and Michele made snow angels. I was the offiicial photographer of this event.

Our frolicking also involved an intense snow ball fight, but Annie didn't take pictures of that as she was too busy lobbing chunks of frozen water at me. A good time was had by all.

(much thanks to bego, aka Maria, for sharing her blogging wisdom)

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  1. Every young lady should have a stalker of his fine caliber. I think in other circles it's called "bodyguard."

    Great pics, what an awesome time, and man! those are some big fluffy snowflakes.

    The only flakes around here are the ones in my classes....