Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I finally decided on something tonight that I've been debating about for a while. For Christmas this year, I'm going to have a small wish list of things I actually need, and then ask for every other "present" to be a donation. I haven't entirely decided on the charity, I have many favorites. It won't work, of course, and I'll still end up with lots of stuff, but my parents will probably be respectful of my wishes, and hopefully my friends. I live in two closets joined together with two other people. It has become very evident to me that I don't need more stuff. I don't wear jewelry or makeup, I have plenty of clothes now, I'm set with pretty much everything. I have a to-read book pile that takes up my entire bookshelf here and more back home. I do want other things sometimes, but I don't have room for them anyway, and this is a much better use of the money. I feel a lot better having decided this.

Otherwise, I'm stressed and nearing burnout. But that's what happens when you're a week and a half from finals, I've decided. I just keep in mind that in 2.5 weeks, it will all be over. Regardless of how it turns out, it's a comfort to know that soon it won't matter.

Off to go force myself to relax and such. Peace and love and happiness :-)


  1. Hi Laura,

    Thank God for selfless people like you. =)

    Good luck in your finals! =)

  2. Aw, thanks, but I really didn't mean this to be a oh look at me, I'm so selfless thing, because really that's not what I'm doing. Stuff creates more headaches than it solves, I have no room for more stuff, and I would rather that the money be spent more wisely.

  3. Don't worry, Laura, I didn't interpret it as that. =)

    It is best to give them away to those who need them the most.

  4. I always try to simplify Christmas, and it never works. (especially this year when my younger daughter jinxed every piece of electronic equipment in the house--then forgot her i-pod in a hotel room) I think the holidays would be much less stressful and more meaningful if we did way less shopping! I hate it myself. What are you studying? Good luck on finals.

  5. This semester my classes included Intro to Social Problems, Intro to Philo, Foundations of Theology, Beginning Logic, and an Anthropology Seminar.

    Basically, lots of huge intro classes. I'm looking forward to less of that next semester.