Sunday, November 26, 2006


I have all these awesome pictures from our trip to Chicago and all these awesome comments about them and stories to tell, but I can't find a good way of uploading said pictures. Blogger's uploading thing bothers me to no end. I decided heck with that, I'll start a flickr account and post them there. So I went through all the effort of making a new yahoo ID, making a flickr account to go with it, and uploading my first six photos. This took about an hour. Then I find out that I've already used 61% of my bandwith capacity for the month. If I want my other photos up, I either have to shell out $ for a pro account or size down my pictures before I upload them. I love my Mac, but I have no photo-editing software, and so no way of sizing down pictures.

That was an hour and a half well spent. I will get around to writing about the trip later, but it might be sadly without my beautiful photos. :-(

EDIT: HA! I beat the system! Actually, I just downloaded some shareware that makes the whole uploading & resizing process from a Mac about 10000x easier. It's called PictureSync, and it's awesome. It resizes my photos as I upload them, so a Flickr account can hold them. So go see my pictures, already.


  1. What happened to your other flickr account?

  2. I still have it, I guess, but it hasn't been updated in forever and I wanted to start over. :-P

  3. so, you can embed the slide show into the post, my little padwan.

  4. go to flickr, and put those pictures into a "set" and name it "chicago" or whatever

    the set will let you view as a slide show

    when you click on the slide show, somewhere on the periphery it will show some html code. i think it even says the words embed the slideshow

    do a copy and paste

    voila!!! it will appear in the post!

    the only thing is, it might need you to change the width if it messes up the look of your blog, which is no big deal. I reduced mine in increments of 10 until it fit.

    good luck!

  5. I don't think it works with Beta. I'm getting error messages. :-(