Thursday, December 07, 2006

Don't feel compelled to read this. I got bored.

All about yourself...the survey.
All about yourself...
First name?::Laura
Middle name?::Elizabeth
Like your name?::yes, but I think it's funny how my parents gave me and my brother their names as our middle names :-P
Named after anyone?::not technically, but the name Laurent is pretty popular on my dad's side of the family
Any nicknames?::not particularly
Birthplace?::Rockdale Hospital
Time you were born?::um... in the evening? 6 something?
Current location?::dorm room
Like your height?::yup
Eye color?::blue gray
Hair color?::reddish blondish brownish
Natural hair color?::yup
Dye your hair often?::never
Righty or lefty?::righty
Your favorite...
Type of music?::rock/alternative
Band or singer?::oof. Relient K
TV show?::Star Trek Voyager, closely followed by MASH
Movie?::Life is Beautiful
TV channel?::I don't watch enough TV to have a favorite
Radio station?::I never listen to the radio now that I'm not driving
Place to be?::with happy people who care about me
Thing to do?::laugh
Food?::ChickFilA fries
Non alcoholic drink?::most things starbucks
Alcoholic drink?::I wouldn't know, now would I?
Animal?::tie between panda bear and penguin
Season?::Lent; secularly speaking, spring
Sport?::soccer when not in ND football season
Place to shop?::used bookstores
Clothing brand?::Old Navy
Scent?::the Boy's cologne
Restaurant?::oh good grief. anything italian, I can't narrow that down
Vegetable?::corn and carrots
Fast food restaurant?::ChickFilA!!!!!
Pizza topping?::lotsa cheese
Ice cream flavor?::cookies & cream
Magazine?::the Economist
Color?::navy blue
This or that...
Chocolate or vanilla?::chocolate
Pepsi or coke?::coke! I'm from GA!
Hot or cold?::hot
Black or white?::black
Dog or cat?::dog
French toast or pancakes?::pancakes, with chocolate chips
French fries or onion rings?::french fries! from chickfila
Hamburger or hot dog?::hamburger w/ cheese from the varsity
Pepperoni or sausage?::... neither? I'll go for real german sausage though
Britney or Christina?::yuck. Virgin Mary?
McDonalds or Burger King?::yuck. Chickfila
50 Cent or Eminem?::yuck. I don't even have an alternative for this one.
Canada or Mexico?::Cananda, as it's the home of one of my best friends
Hug or kiss?::... that would have depend on the giver of said affectionate motion
Movies or TV?::movies
Truth or dare?::truth!
Do you...
Shower daily?::not ususally, more like every other day
Sing in the shower?::nope
Like to sing?::yes
Like to dance?::very much so, when I know how to well
Smoke?::ugh no
Drink?::not yet
Cuss?::not when I can help it
Talk to yourself?::hahaha oh yes
Believe in yourself?::I believe in God's power to work through the imperfect being that is me.
Play an instrument?::Learning guitar
Go to school?::yup
Go to college?::yup
Have a job?::yup!
Like your job?::don't know, haven't started yet
Want to get married?::yup, if its in God's plan
Want to have kids?::yup, if it's in God's plan
Get along with your parents?::mostly, more so now that I hardly ever see them
Get along with your siblings?::mostly. sometimes. on good days.
Drive?::when I have a car... i.e. when I'm home
Do you think you're trustworthy?::yes
Think your funny?::hahaha not really, but I try so hard that my attempts are funny
Ever toilet papered someones house?::nope
Gone garbage can tipping?::nope
What are your parents names?::Jim and Elizabeth
Siblings names?::Mark
Do you wash your hands frequently?::not that frequently...
How many time a day do you brush your teeth?::1
Collect anything?::receipts and tickets and other little things from fun outings
Ever been in love?::yes
In love right now?::yes
What color pants are you wearing right now?::khaki
How does your hair look?::in a pony tail, frizzy because I walked through falling snow without a hat on
Ever had your heartbroken?::yup
Ever broken the law?::I honestly don't think so. good grief, I need to get on that.
Been arrested?::no
Been out of the country?::Germany/Switzerland/Austria when I was in 8th grade, Canada numerous times, bahamas
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?::no
When was the last time you got drunk?::... never?
Do you do drugs?::nope, aside from caffeine
When was the last time you were high on anything?::never have been. this survey is pretty much an examination of how innocent I am.
Do you prefer the lights on or off?::off unless I'm reading or trying to stay awake
Would you ever get plastic surgery?::not unless necessary for health
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?::um. not my problem.
Do you like to laugh?::very much so
Ever had a bloody nose?::hasn't everyone?
Have you ever caught a fish?::yes
What was the last thing you ate?::a churro
What time do you go to bed?::varies, usually before 1
What's your favorite color?::haven't we been through this already? navy blue
Do you like to give or recieve?::both are important
Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?::not that I can think of
Do you live alone?::nope, I live in a dorm
Do you own a blender?::no
Do you like the snow?::I'm learning to
Ever been up a mountain?::yeah, various mountains in the Smokeys and the Alps
Ever been rootin'?::no.
Do you like surprises?::most of the time
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