Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I spend way too much time organizing my life

I end up going overboard with the whole internet/ connectivity/ online organization thing. I just get so excited at starting new ways to share things- thoughts, photos, opinions, wants. It's silly, but can lead to good things if done in moderation.

That being said, I spent quite some time this evening exploring 43things.com, and its interconnected sister sites, 43people.com, allconsuming.net, and listsofbests.com. This is New Years resolutions to the extreme, and much more. It's all really pretty interesting- people swap opinions on books, movies, food, places, destinations, other users, famous people, and lists. Just go browse around, it's much more fun to look around than to read a description.

I also have decided to give this photo-a-day-for-a-year trend a try. It might actually happen, it might not, but when better to try than the first day of the year? I started a new blog just for these photos- flashbulb365.blogspot.com.

At this point, I know at least Maria, Joey, and my mother are snickering at me, but I love doing stuff like this. It's like looking at the first clean page of a beautiful notebook or filling a plain piece of cheesecloth with stitches. It's so exciting to me. :-P


  1. Yes! Go team allconsuming! I don't really use 43things all that much, but.. allconsuming all the way. http://www.allconsuming.net/person/Urthstripe/

    There was a period in there where I completely forgot about it, but I update it now pretty regularly. Caroline is somewhere on the 43things network, you should look for her.

    Good luck on the Year in Pictures. I was so happy I actually finished mine in a complete fashion, and I'm so happy I did it already. It was quite a momentous year, and I'm glad I took so many pictures of it. This really makes you take your camera everywhere you go. You may feel like a dorky tourist everywhere you go, but who cares? Hope you have fun with it!

  2. Snicker.

    It's after 8 pm, where's today's picture?