Wednesday, May 02, 2007

So I'm waiting outside of my Spanish classroom to take my oral final. I've stared at my notes for too long and they're starting to run together. The caffeine at my side isn't helping much. Today's something of a marathon for me- almost worse than finals. After I take my oral exam, I turn in a term paper for my next class (International Relations). Then I have a break to eat. In English, I'm giving a presentation instead of turning in a term paper. My partner and I have sort of written a skit/ conversation between two characters from works we've read this semester. I'm Emi from Tropic of Orange, if that helps anyone. Should be interesting. Then I'm turning in a semester-long project in my last class, Peace Studies.

But it's all good (prepare yourself for mushiness) because tonight I will be swept off my feet and taken to some exciting dining location. Yes, my dears, today my boyfriend and I have been together for eighteen months. Life is beautiful.


  1. Vaya, que cosa mas preciosa. ?Quien hubiera dicho que duraba tanto tiempo? Definitivamente tienes un buen muchacho que te quiere. Y tu eres tremenda mujer. Felicidades!

  2. Gracias! Mi mama le gusta mi novio tambien. El esta un buen joven. Soy afortunada.

  3. Good luck on your finals, and congrats on the anniversary-and-a-half!

    You're pretty insightful for an 18-yr old, btw. I appreciate the comments :)