Saturday, September 15, 2007

I think I understand ritual suicide now

Don't say anything about the game. Just don't. When the highlight of my gameday experience is that the manager of the bar gave me a coke on the house, there are serious problems.

Joey and I are off to go get Chickfila at the local mall and cover up our pain with yummy food. I think it's a good strategy.


  1. Embrace your fandom, tears and all. As per our good friend and noted, published author's blog - Twenty things to make sure you do in life or something like that . #7 pick a team and be a die hard fan. Note the wording - die hard. This is not a coincidence.

  2. Ritual suicide? Ach, it's just a game. Personally, I relish the moment of watching grown men in really tight pants.

    Maybe I shouldn't have posted that here.

    You might note that the odd architectural tribute on my blog, The Kessler Campanile, is better known as "the shaft" at Ga Tech. It is in the very center of campus, not too far from saturday's debacle. I thought I'd clarify for you, in case you were wondering why I was silent on the matter.

    In short, misery loves company, and while we are no longer ranked, we're still not Notre Dame.

    P.S. the bartender shoulda made in a float...some days just require the extra calories.