Sunday, September 09, 2007

In Support

Win or lose, I love my Irish.

Soon, maybe not this season, but soon, the team that is struggling so much right now is going to be brilliant, and no one will doubt us. But until then, I'm not leaving any games early or switching the channel in the third quarter, and I will still scream myself hoarse at every game. Bring it, Irish.


  1. Um, I'm just noting the obvious here: a degree from Notre Dame is just a tiny bit, oh, I dunno, BETTER than a football title. Just sayin'.

    Then again, it's a good thing you don't go to Michigan.

    BAHAHAHA. Anyway, the mark of a true fan is to stick by your team. Mine, on the other hand, are losers, in a big way.

    Class of '83

  2. Being an ND football fan and being an ND student are kinda inseparable. I'm happy to be where I am :-)