Monday, October 29, 2007

New goal for November:
One (hopefully well-thought out) blog post a day.

This is part of my ongoing flip out less, love life more campaign. Shazaam.

In other news: my family is driving up to spend a whole weekend with me. *happily shifts weight from foot to foot while smiling extra big*

Also: a baby sheep is a sheepling. Awwww.

Lots of colons were harmed in the making of this blog entry. Not organs, punctuation marks.


  1. Popped over from your comment, so, hi! This made me realize I really miss fall breaks. And spring breaks. And winter breaks, and summer breaks, and even finals weeks, because I was generally very lazy in college and, for me, finals week=giant nap. It's awesome you got to have such a relaxing break!

  2. What's a baby moose called?

  3. Calves? Extraordinarily adorable creatures (EACs)?

    Welcome black sheeped :-)