Saturday, November 03, 2007

At least my parents got their money's worth

Triple overtime = extra hour or so of gametime. Most cost-effective game all year :-)

I can't help but be happy for Navy. I can vaguely imagine the ecstasy of joy they must be in right now, and if we had to lose like that, I'm glad it was to a team and school I respect and admire. Way to go guys.

The worst part of the game was the booing by the student section (and probably other parts of the stadium too) of Coach Weis after the game. For at least this season, he's our coach, and I support him as much as I support the team. What do I know about football to argue his play calls? There are many legitimate criticisms to be made, I'm sure, but as a member of the student body, not a sports analyst, I refuse to boo anyone on my team. Whether or not he should be replaced is not my call to make, and I don't feel any better about our season by laying all the blame on him and casting him out for not doing a better job. I stand by my team, coaching staff included, and let the people who know best make the decisions. I don't think they care what my expert opinion is anyway.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    We DID enjoy the game and the gameday - it was great weather, the steak-ums were good, the music and parades were fun, and then the game - fly-bys, lifting with lots of scoring, exciting drama to the end, it was all good - tiring and good, not the least was being with our daughter who we miss so much - Mom

  2. You stand by your team and your coach! Even when they give a less than stellar performance or performances. Or any real play at all ; )
    Hang in there.