Tuesday, September 02, 2008


  • Joey wins the Sweetheart award today. See, we made sweet tea yesterday, but since the pitcher resides in his fridge, he ends up drinking much more of it than I get to. To remedy this, he brought me a cup of tea all the way from his dorm to the student center (probably about a mile apart), in the dark, despite the danger of malevolent sprinkler systems AND the fact he was running late for work. What a cutie. This is why my parents pay him the big bucks to stick around.
  • Also, Joey got me a pretty rockin card today. Parentals, remember the awkward dinner conversation when a certain godmother proposed we add "in bed" to the ends of our fortune cookie fortunes? Yeah, the card's about that game. Apparently this is more widespread than we thought.
  • The classic Dillon pep rally has been CANCELED. They always do their dorm pep rally/ stand up comedy routine the night before the first home game. It's a major tradition. Maybe the admins thought it was getting too rowdy. Dillon's the biggest dorm on campus, though, so they better be prepared for armed insurrection.
  • I'm working 10 hours a week sorting and delivering mail. The mail delivery today was hugemongous, to use a Lindaism.
  • I dropped my first class EVER today. I just had too much on my plate and what's the point of running around like a crazy person just because I can? Of course, it will probably be replaced with another in short order.
  • Today was the biannual meal with academic adviser/ stroking of Laura's ego session. Never a bad thing. Hopefully he's not just getting my hopes up.
  • The medical mission trip I'm helping to organize (but no longer going on) is now going to Ecuador. This is our third change of national venue, for those of you keeping track at home.
  • Boo visa forms.
  • Hooray cotton skirts on 90 degree days!
  • Also: go to http://www.zooatlanta.org/videos/pandabirth083008.htm and watch the Atlanta panda mommy give birth to the new cub. It's not gross or anything- it's actually really funny. Moan- moan- puzzled look at abdomen- baby! Mom thinks it must have been the sugar cane.

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