Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Since the demise of Star Trek, House is the only TV show I will watch live every week. I get way too fed up with commercials with other shows, and I just catch them later online. But I can't imagine postponing watching a new episode of House. I must see it as soon as possible! Which means watching it on TV like everyone else.

But this show is worth it. Witty banter, ethical dilemmas for Joey and I to debate later, even the occasional CIA intervention or love triangle. Oh yeah, and awesome abnormal medicine. I love how I'm able to predict what's going to happen once in a while- I feel like I have actual medical knowledge. I don't. But I do generally recognize the signs of a stroke now. That could be useful. This is how I justify how I spend the nine oclock hour on Tuesday nights.

Plus, there's a great site that analyzes the medical truth behind the show- http://www.politedissent.com/house_pd.html . Joey used to read it out loud to me before my bad listening skills made him think I didn't care. But it's really quite interesting when I'm not in the middle of something (namely, reading other people's blogs). Good times.

Still- there's no replacing Star Trek. Television's zenith passed with the finale of Star Trek: Voyager.


  1. My faith in scripted television went a long way to being restored this season. Just in time for the screenwriter's guild to go on strike! I have tried to get into House, but the repetitive structure is something I could never, ever get into on a weekly basis, and the longer story arcs just weren't compelling enough. Shows like CSI, House, Bones, everything on CBS... it's good for casual watchers I suppose, but I usually like my shows heavily serialized, please!

    I could talk about TV all day long, but the short list of shows running right now I reccommend include Pushing Daisies, Friday Night Lights, Reaper... you probably already watch Heroes, even though it's been mediocre at best this season.

    But you should watch Battlestar Galactica! You can catch up in time for the new season to start in 2008. A Trek nerd like you could certainly appreciate the BSG goodness.


    I'm still pissed about that finale. I hate that Janeway did such a chick thing and let her feelings dictate her decision.

  3. My sister loves House too. I thought she'd want to start medical school!
    I've watched House a few times, missed that seond part of a two parter and I can't watch another episode without thinking of the one I missed. Maybe you can help me out? It's the one where his team gets the fatal disease from the cop who's growing a cash crop up on his roof and fertilizes it with pigeon poop. How does it end?
    By the by, nice job keeping the daily blog going. I am encouraged and spurred on by your creativity.

  4. Mychal- I haven't watched this season of Heroes, just the first season. I like it, but it gets old if you watch too much at once. BSG- I tried to get into it last year and started watching the first season, but an episode w/ torture turned me off. I might give it another chance sometime.

    Maria- The finale rocked. My family has it on DVD and we watch it regularly.

    Linda- Hmm. I remember the episode, but not the exact ending. They all survived for the next episode! That probably doesn't help.

  5. Oh also..."Television's zenith passed with the cancelling of Firefly" I think that's what you meant to say.

    No, I'm not still bitter.

  6. I am. There's no ending! It's awesome and you love the characters and then it just- stops. No more. Does Inara leave? Does River get better? Do Kaylee and Simon ever end up together? So many unanswered questions.

  7. You've seen Serenity, right?

  8. Um. Not yet. Would that help?

  9. omg, well, yes, you must watch Serenity, it wraps up the series. perhaps in a way that you won't like, but it's closure, anyway.

    I had no idea you were a browncoat. I feel so alone in the universe. Inara and Book are my favorite characters. How biblical.

    And about ST:VOY finale: you've got to be kidding! those writers broke the show. Meh.

  10. You should see Serenity immediately. That is all.

    Also, given your squeamishness with torture, how did you make it through the War Stories episode?

  11. All of the comments are seriously inflating my ego.

    I repeat: the Voyager finale was SO AWESOME. End of story. But why do you hate it so much?

    War Stories- I fast forwarded. And cried anyway. I feel like it's ok to be squeamish about cruelty.

  12. It's a shame. The dialogue between Wash and Mal during the torture is incredible, and speaks volumes to the relationship they have with each other, and the relationship Mal has with his crew. So good.

    Maybe you can find a script somewhere?

  13. I will need much more than a mere comment box to respond to your request for an explanation re: my disgust with all things Rick Berman.

  14. PS, I am adoring Pushing Daisies this season, and find Samantha Who amusing, but predictable.

    That is all.

  15. This is pretty much my most popular post ever. I should have posted about television a long time ago- apparently it is very important to my readership.