Monday, November 05, 2007


I thought that writing a post a day would, you know, give people plenty of opportunities to comment. But I haven't gotten a single comment since I started this NaBloPoMo thing. Maybe the blog community is boycotting my bad and uninteresting writing? Sucks for you. I'm going to write anyway, so there. :-P

Today's weather says here comes winter. Gray and windy and occasionally sprinkling cold rain. Groan. Time to break out the outerwear from their rubbermaid containers by my bed. I think my cotton summer skirts and lovely sandals need to be retired for the year. On a happier note: the Starbucks I'm sitting in right now is decorated for Christmas, and my heart is full of joyful excitement. I'm not usually a huge Christmas person, but I'm feeling the spirit this year. We'll see if that lasts until a week after Thanksgiving, by which point I am usually tired of pop-ified Christmas carols and the color red.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm not going home this year. Gasp! This has caused consternation back home, but we only get Thursday and Friday off, so I would have to skip Wednesday classes to make it home in time, plus my parents are working a fair amount. I'm going to stay here and write papers so that the NEXT weekend, I can fly down to Birmingham and go to my cousin's wedding reception. He's getting married on a cruise over Thanksgiving, which is out of the question for my family, but we're going to his reception. He's the first of my cousins to get married. Scary. He's a Marine and is on leave from Iraq for this whole wedding deal, so I figure that he deserves my presence. If he's going to fly out from Iraq, I'll fly out from Indiana. Should be an interesting occasion family-drama-wise; I might finally get to meet my godfather's new wife. Sweet.

And now, I must return to working on a paper on Guatemala. Specifically, foreign involvement in the Guatemalan peace process. Dude, the UN totally rocked the negotiations. Human rights mission before there's even a formal ceasefire? Risky but so brilliant. And thank God for Norway. Seriously, what would world peace do without Norway? I shudder to think of it.

I'm such a peace nerd.


  1. Well, there's fishing for comments, and then there's fishing for comments. Dude, don't you read MY blog? I already stated that writing in too many OTHER places zaps my word quota of creativity. And here I am, giving you my words when they should be in my novel!

    For the record, am curious as hell about your implosion, but was being discrete and didn't ask. it seems to be going around. Don't drink the water, champagne always better.

    Loved the make-up commentary: I personally just chucked the whole thing. Why even pretend. I've just embraced looking like a middle-aged angry lesbian (channeling Seinfeld, not that there's anything wrong with that). I don't even pluck my eyebrows any more.

    About the Thanksgiving consternation--roll with it. We lived it last year--unpleasant but a fact of life. We parents have growing pains, too.

    Perhaps this might have been better on the respective posts, but I'm all about streamlining. That, and savng my words.

    Enjoy the commercial season. I'll have you know old town had the christmas decor up before halloween.//sigh//

    Love ya kiddo!

  2. Comment love! Yay. I have no qualms about stealing your novel's words. Implosions are going around? Sorry to hear that :-/.

    Also: I heard my first Xmas carol of the year today, and the gray rainy sky immediately seemed more miserable.