Thursday, November 08, 2007

Methinks earthworms have more interesting lives

Quote of the night: "You're so evil." (Joey)

This was in response to my convoluted plot to bypass college, which involved suing his chemistry book publishers for gender discrimination and making millions, thus making it irrelevant whether I passed chemistry or not.

Yeah. It's a slow night. I'm studying for a Spanish test on the subjunctive case, which, trust me, is wildly entertaining.

However, I did get paid for my research job today, in the form of a personal check from the professor in question. Sketchy much? At least I don't have to pay taxes now. Another piece of good news- the presentation for my hugelyginormous semester-long group project on the peace process in Guatemala was today, and it went well. Best moment:
Professor- "Who was the UN negotiator?"
Me, quickly- "Jean Arnault."
Professor- "That was intended to be a tricky question."
I like being a goody two shoes. By the way, can someone please explain the etymology of that phrase? I have no idea what it means. Thanks.

Joey just performed the N'Sync "Bye Bye Bye" dance. I think we spend too much time studying.


  1. Goody Two Shoes is a children's story written in the 1700's. It's a bout a poor litle girl that gets a new pair of shoes and walks around talking about it like it's amazing. Begs the question: what would one do with one shoe? Anyway, she grows up and marries a rich guy so she becomes rich. Moral of the story, barefoot girls got it goin' on. Or maybe, that if you live a virtuos life you will be rewarded.

    Anyway, there you have it. The etymology of goody is far more interesting. It was like when in the south we say Miz no matter the "lady's" marital status. It was, I think, a Puritan title much the same way some of our evangelical neighbors address each other as Brother So and So and Sister Whatever.

  2. I feel so much more knowledgeable now!