Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yeah Irish...

Good job guys, way to go out well, even if you did nearly break the neck of their quarterback. I've tried all day, without any luck, to find a video online of Zibby's interception/almost touchdown. That was the most freaking amazing play all season- he ran nearly the whole field, lateralling it back and forth and generally being ostentatiously amazing. I will miss him sooo much. Trevor Laws was awesome too, sticking with it even after getting hurt. I don't want to know how much pain he was in, because it takes a lot to stop him, and the trainers ran out twice. What a guy. And Clausen looked pretty good too- it's awesome how he's learning. He's gonna rock next year. Anyway, here are my guys... I'm so glad they had a chance to end their last years this way.
Also, I totally agree with this guy. In addition to the best play ever, this game also featured the worse call ever. Those refs owe us another touchdown. In no playback, from whatever angle, did it even remotely look like that wasn't a touchdown. I'm glad it didn't matter in the end. but sucks for David Grimes. I would have given it to you, buddy.

EDIT- my mom is awesome. Tada, the best play ever:

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  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Here's your link:
    It was a funny reminder of the "play" from 25 years ago with California and Stanford
    Love, Mom